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Attachment Focused Therapy

Attachment-Focused Trauma Therapy for Adults focuses assisting with nurturing and forming relationships with our parts of self and healing attachment wounds using a progressive approach that is also flexible.  This approach can be used in preparing for trauma processing, but contains many helpful skills in itself to help with developing a stable, nurturing sense of self.  Our attachment styles are patterned in early life, and affect how we approach, retreat and form relationships throughout our lives. We can learn how to heal and form healthy relationships with others.


Our early relationships and the quality of attachments are formed with our primary caregivers. This influences our emotional and psychological well-being throughout life. When traumatic events disrupt these attachment bonds, it can lead to a range of difficulties, including difficulties in forming and maintaining relationships, regulating emotions, and coping with stress.

Attachment focused therapy combined with EMDR can help to repattern our relationship with our strong adult selves. When this happens, ideally we can feel more secure in our sense of selves and our relationships.

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